What is the process of mass goods production and shipment

 Large goods production

After getting approval to new sample from client, we begin to prepare raw material of mass goods 

and begin to make mass goods.


 Trimming packaging shipment

when mass goods have been completed,still many edges, trimming excessive flash.

after the test, we will check the product weight,and then packaged, Generally, inside is plastic bag, 

outside is carton box. Finally all of carton box are put on the pallet.

if the product shape special or customer have additional requirements,we will be based on customer 

requirement for packaging,after packing is completed, our testing staff will be re-sample,

 if no error goods will put into the warehouse, waiting for delivery

 We have our own forwarder which has Rich experience in delivery arrangement 

to optimize the most economic and quickest shipping way, SEA,  AIR,  DHL, UPS ,FEDEX, TNT , etc.

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