rubber cooler hose

rubber cooler hose


rubber hose is made of EPDM

mainly used for car or industry equipment

rubber cooler hose
rubber radiator cooler hose is made of EPDM

Mainly used for auto engine

Main function of rubber radiator hose:

Coolant hoses work by circulating this fluid through the engine as it gives off heat, keeping the 

heat from destroying it

Why choose the rubber cooling hose?

The engine cooling hose is an integral part of your engine, which would not work without them.

This is because combustion engines product lots of heat.It will quickly destroy the engine if left to 

build up in it. Therefore, the cooling hose will withdraw high temperature.

coolant hoses are filled with a mixture of water and coolant to ensure the liquid stays in a state 

where it can absorb (and give off) heat. Most of this heat is then transferred out into the open air, 

but then the rest is cycled through heater hoses(same material and function, different application)

to the heated core of your automobile, where it is blown on by a fan to produce hot air for the car.

Once the heat has left the coolant fluid either through the air or fan. It is then cycled back to the 

engine, where the whole process starts to repeat itself over again