Qingdao Weilian Plastic & Rubber LTD., is specializing in rubber & plastic product for more than 10 years.

2008Weilian . at the beginning, We just product standard molded rubber& plastic parts for some clients

2009-First Step

ISO9001 quality certification by SGS

2010-customize new product

As technology advanced and new equipment’s introduction, our company continued its expansion into manufacturing new products and entering new markets. We began developing products to meet the need for specific markets.

2011-introduce extrusion equipment

As the sales market of our company become bigger, to meet the market’s requirement, we introduce extrusion equipment and found extrusion production line.

2012-build R&D department

In order to Utilize more efficient manufacturing technologies and advanced rubber compounds, we build R&D department .

2013-Found after-sales department

As the expansion of sales market of our company, we have remained on the leading edge of the market. we serve a wide range of industries, including defense, aerospaceelectronics, transportation, health care, food processing, construction, and many others

To service the clients better, we found after-sales department.


People, Environment, Resource


We have our own patent

2016-found own trading company

We also found own trading company for exporting our products to the whole world.

2017-Register Brand

The brand of Our company is WL