After-sales Service

After-sales Service

Qingdao Weilian Plastic & Rubber Co., LTD is a supplier of extruded and molded rubber products, 

as well as plastic edge trims, edge protection profiles.

Core competence lies in mixing, extruding and molding rubber. 

We love challenges and strive to provide the best value – quality, service, technology, and price – to all customers.

our goal is to meet all of your requirement, 

no matter how small orders and how difficult questions they may be.

to maintain sustained and profitable growth for every customer through our qualified products and satisfying service

Therefore, our after-sales service are mainly on product quality and package.

Our client find the quality of part do not meet their requirement, such as size, color, hardness etc.

Our engineer will carefully check what make this problem .

If this question is caused by ourselves during production.

We will compensate all of product with these problems to our client.

If these question are made during transportation.

Well, our after-sales service department will help our client let transportation company to make compensation.

As for the package, it is the same as the quality

If the package is broken by ourselves. We make up for all of them by ourselves

If it is caused by other reason, 

our after-sales service department will help our client to find the real reason and make compensation.