Construction& Building

Construction& Building

Sponge seal for building
Rubber extrusion seal for building

Qingdao Weilian Plastic & Rubber Co., LTD supplies 

all kinds of rubber, plastic and thermoplastic 

extrusions, profiles, seals, gaskets and molded corners 

for building and construction industry. Our materials 

include EPDM Solid, EPDM Sponge, PVC, 

Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPV). Such as Glass seal, 

Glazing seal, Pipe vibration isolator, vibration mat, 

rubber pad, rubber mount.

Sponge seal
Rubber extrusion seal

Self-Adhesive Sponge Rubber Weather strip can be 

used for preventing wind, dust, sound, insect, cold 

,Protect the window and door, reduce wear on 

window/door while open and close. Sound Proof, 

Water proof, Wind proof, Excellent aging resistance.

Main function

l  Good for Anti- collision

l  Protecting the window and door

l  Great for preventing wind, dust, sound, cold

l  Reducing the abrasion and noise effectively

Wide Application :

Widely used for all kinds of sliding window, sliding 

door, security door, closet door and etc,

 reducing damage of your doors and windows.