Rail&Mass Transit Industry

Rail&Mass Transit Industry

Rubber part for mass transit industry

With a wide array of product capabilities, we can offer 

a choice of solutions in either an off the shelf product 

or custom designed product specifically for you. 

We use advanced technology and top quality 

materials to create rubber and extrusion profile ,

all kinds of molded part  in custom profiles to meet 

our customers'design specifications.

Therefore we supply Enclosures and electrical 

cabinets seal gasket ,window and door seal, vibration 

insulators, Air Duct Insulation and LED Gasket, 

Lightning Gasket, rubber mat, silicone elbow hose, 

rubber pad in global rail and mass transit industry

Rubber part
Function for transit industry

This Profile is made of EPDM. It has the function of 

heat, high temperature, ozone, oxidation and weather 


It has strong tensile strength. Better sound insulation, 

Stable windshield,

Don't worry about falling off.

 Air circulation is not affected.