Shipping Container

Shipping Container

Qingdao WeilianPlastic & Rubber Co., LTD  have advantage in making shipping container door seal 

gaskets. These container door gasket are made of a high-quality EPDM compound due to the unique 

features the material offers

Feature :

A key feature of solid and soft EPDM is the materials excellent durability and remain 

inconstant use without fear of warping or deterioration. 

Excellent weathering and ozone resistance 

and Wide functioning temperature range

Products Line type:

C-Type Door Gasket , H-Type Door Gasket J-Type Door Gaskets, JC-Type Door Gaskets, CO-Type 

Door Gaskets, 3-Sided Door Gaskets and 4-Sided Door Gaskets

Application Range

Shipping containers used for Reefer Containers / Refrigerated Containers 

and Dry Cargo Containers seal and truck body