Foam Sponge Rubber Sealing Strip EPDM 3MTape back for Wooden Door Window

Group Sponge rubber extrusion
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-10-05
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Wooden door sealing strip is actually closed cell sponge/foam sealing strip extruded into all kinds of 

shape by extrusion tooling, Which is resistant weather, anti-ozone, waterproof, dust proof, dirty proof, 

UV resistant, and excellent flexibility ,durable. at present, the material is mainly EPDM.

Wooden door sealing strip has good sealing performance. 

To ensure better sealing performance, with adhesive backing.

Material: EPDM+Adhesive

Color:Black or as client's requirement

Hardness: according to client's Requirement

Process: Extruded

Shape:D-shape,P-Shape,E-shape,I-Shape, etc

The feature of sponge rubber sealing strip

1.Good aging resistance

2.Elastic recovery performance is good, closed cell foam does not absorb water

3. Reticular line, tape back, better viscosity, Do not stretch during installation

4.Suggest to use it under the temperature -40℃ to +70℃

Why you choose wooden rubber sealing strips we made?

Because these feature are below

1.Easy operation

It is OK for you to Rip it with your hand

2.Good Flexibility

Prolonged compression can be restored quickly

3.Good adhesion

Adopting Imported double - sided tape, inter layer is network - shaped glass fiber

4.Good material

The raw material is EPDM

which has the advantages of oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance

5.Smooth surface, uniform foam, free of impurities, elastic and good quality

Why you install this kind of Sponge rubber sealing strip?

Because its function is below

Anti-Collision, noise resistance, dust proof, insect resistance and seal

See this picture for before installation and after installation

Installation steps

1.Wipe the dirt,dust and oil stains off the installation with a dry rag

2.After the protective paper of the sealing strip is torn apart, Aim at the position you want to paste

3.Gently stick to the position aimed

4.Press tightly with your finger, and let glue and doors and Windows tighten

5.Use the finger to pull the seal to check if it is tight

Application Range of  P, D, E I Shape sponge rubber sealing strip

Used for Security door ,sliding door, aluminum plastic steel doors and Windows,

 automobile and so on