Solid silicone Cord strip square round type Food Grade high temperature

Group Solid rubber extrusion
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-10-14
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Solid Silicone cord plays a crucial part in sealing gap 

throughout a multitude of different industrial sectors.

It is made from different density silicone with different type. So it include solid silicone sealing strip

and sponge silicone sealing strip. Has square type, round type, I type, E type etc.

Material: Silicone

Color: white

Hardness: 30~90 ShA

Shape: Square, round, I, E type

OEM: available

Why you choose solid silicone cord strip?

Because these feature are below,

1 Anti-high and low temperature

2.Long service life

3.High flexibility

Bending many times, not easy to deformation, durable


The time of degradation is about 20 years is so easy to clean

Adoption of nanotechnology, Separate the attachment of dirt and oil

6.Food grade silicone ,safe for food contact products

Non-toxic, tasteless


The property of  silicone sealing strip

1.High temperature resistance

high temperature resistance range(-70 to 300ºC )

endurance high temperature resistance and not fall off

2.Heat resistance

Silicone is better than other rubber on heat resistance

3.Weather resistance

Ordinary rubber is rapidly degraded under the ozone action of corona discharge

But Silicone can resist it

4.Aging resistance

Corrosion resistant, silicone itself has strong inert, strong anti-aging properties

5.Strong sealing property

Silicone material has shockproof and waterproof property

Can glue all kinds of material with smooth surface 

6.Excellent safety

Food grade silicone has a non-toxic and tasteless,Insoluble in water and any solvent

It is a kind of highly active green product


Function and application range of rubber cord

The function of Square silicone cord strip mainly depend on its construction and property

such as, it is widely used in household industrial machinery and other industries, 

its main function is shock absorption and sealing. 

with high temperature resistance, color jade white 

High elasticity, with high temperature resistance 200℃

Rubber cord stock can be used to seal and protect parts in tool boxes, windows and doors. 

some cord stock can provide resistance to grease, 

fuel, petroleum oils, chemicals, and extreme temperatures