EPDM Rubber Pinchweld with Small Side Blister Car Auto Door Trunk Lip

Group Solid rubber extrusion
Min. Order 1 meter
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Update Time 2020-10-14
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 EPDM Rubber Pinchweld Seal


Color:black or other color

Shape:U type

The advantage of rubber sealing strip we made

1. Adopting excellent raw material

High flexibility and environment protection 

Resistance to aging and corrosion, long service life

 Does not irritate the skin, also does not endanger the health

2.Built-in sheet steel

The built-in clip steel sheet can increase the clip strength

Not easy to fall off, Sectional steel sheet for easy bending

3.Good Insulation

Insulation impervious to water and air materials are widely used in industry or all aspects of life

The feature of rubber sealing strip

1. Anti collision

Good processing performance and strong anti - collision ability

2. Scratch-proof

Strong Processing performance and scratch proof ability

3.Good decorative property

4.Good sealing performance

5.Beautiful and environment protection


PVC/Rubber co-extrusion have different structure due to different application

1. EPDM + Steel Clip + Sponge EPDM Rubber Bulb Trim Seal

2. EPDM + Steel Wire + Sponge EPDM Rubber Bulb Trim Seal

3.PVC + Steel Clip Bulb Trim Seal

4.PVC + Steel Clip + Sponge EPDM Rubber Trim Seal

5.Sponge EPDM Rubber Extrusion

6. EPDM+Sponge EPDM Rubber Extrusion

Most PVC/Rubber co-extrusion is extruded by extrusion tooling 

and commonly form three type of weather strip. 

One of weather strip has constituted by three parts. One of weather strip is solid

 weather strip. Material of solid weather strip is common EPDM, PVC. Silicone

Solid part is "U" shape, And another steel part will be put into "U" shape solid rubber part.

And third part is foam rubber bulb seal part with various of shape.

Installation Location: Front Door, Rear Door, Parcel Shelf,

Installation Notice:

It is necessary to measure the quantity to be purchased before purchase

Wipe it clean, stick it to the edge that needs to be protected and press to keep it firmly in place

Sound insulation and dust proof installation to avoid scratches

Cut off the excess after installation

The steps of installation

1. 2.clean off the dust and grease

3.wait until air dry

4.coating adhesion promoter(not include)

5.Tear off the glue tape, install sealing strip

6.press hard on the sealing strip, be sure stick up and firm

7.leave 3-5 mm edge distance

8.leave the dsculum do not stick on it

Function of rubber sealing strip

PVC/rubber co-extrusion is used for trim around doors, lids, and about any other exposed edge.

Flexible PVC/ rubber co-extrusion with metal part slides on easily to cap any edge, 

Inside metal clips provide a permanent grip on RV doors, truck cabs, golf carts, tractors, motorcycles

 ATV fenders, fiberglass, sheet metal and more

Application Range

automobile, steamboat, industrial electrical equipment, building door & window, garage door

construction machinery,construction bridge and tunnel etc