Excellent Flexibility E-Shape Rubber Silicone Sealing Strip for Valve, Oven

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Update Time 2020-09-30
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E-shaped silicone strip is a kind of rubber with a wide range of special and comprehensive properties.

It has excellent electrical insulation properties, aging resistance,chemical

stability,oxidation and weather resistance, radiation resistance, physiological inertia,good air

permeability, and high and low temperature resistance. 

Silicone tube has excellent flexibility, resistance to kink and deformation, and high tear resistance.

Material: Silicone

Color: high transparency ,semi transparency, Red

Temperature range: -30℃~+260℃(The temperature can reach 300in a short time)


Tensile strength:7~7.5 MPA

Stretch permanent deformation: 7%~7.5%

Resilience: 50%~55%

Tearing strength:4-8 MPA

Tear strength: 15 KN/M

Elongation: 250-500%

Break down voltage: 21KV/MM

Why you choose the E-Shape silicone sealing strip we manufacture?

Because these features are as below

1. E-shape silicone sealing strip is made of high-quality food-grade imported silicone raw materials

 and adopt platinum catalyst system.

And it is manufactured by a unique extrusion process, with excellent flexibility,resistance to kink and 

deformation, Has a high tear resistance, compared with the traditional silicone rubber tube

This product has high transparency, tasteless, non-toxic, high transparency, high temperature

 resistance, low temperature, Long life, no hardening, no discoloration, no yellowing, no frost, etc.

2.This product has good physical and mechanical properties

high tear strength and low adhesion to proteins.

It can be used to transport various foods, beverages and various liquids, 

and is widely used in food-grade equipment and devices in various industries.

The property of E-shape solid silicone sealing strip

1.It can be used fora long time under High and low temperature resistance at 2600

and there is still elasticity under -60.

2.electrical insulation properties

Silicone tube dielectric performance is very good, especially at high temperature dielectric

 performance is much better than the general organic rubber,

Dielectric strength is almost unaffected by temperature in the range of 20-260

2.Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and uv resistance,

Long-term use in the outdoor does not occur cracking.

Range of application of E-Shape solid silicone sealing strip

Mainly used for tube products for food;

Connecting pipes for food machinery;

Water dispenser,coffee pot, water heater, rice cooker, etc.

Electrical instruments and other casing

Medical devices are connected to pipes, conduits, etc.