Non Slip Soft Rubber Handle Grips Mountain Bicycle Handlebar Bike

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Update Time 2020-10-14
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If you want custom rubber handle grips,Qingdao Weilian Plastic & Rubber Co.,LTD will help you with that.

Rubber handle grips


Hardness: according to your requirement

Color: Black, blue,Yellow, Green and so on

OEM: available, welcome to custom any grip

The detail of rubber handle grips

1.Excellent raw material and Anti-Slip design

The selection of superior soft and light rubber raw material, 

Manufactured by advanced machinery production

The anti-skid particles on the rubber grips are clear and tidy; 

The grips feel is comfortable and the anti-slip damping effect is remarkable.

It is easier to control while riding, and has a multi-layered feel

2.Thick Wall

3.5 mm rubber tube wall, have better Damping effect, more comfortable feeling

3. Excellent toughness and elasticity

You will easily bending square anti slip grips when you press grips by hand 

Then,Immediately restore, no wrinkles left.

4.Sealed End Designed

The bicycle grips stopper is sealed designed, you don't need plug also dust proof and against rain

5.Do not fade, not glue your hand

Selection of high quality rubber material, environment protection, will not fade color or glue your hand

The matters attention of installation to rubber handle grips

It is so easy to install when you put some water and liquid detergent.

First put some hot water on the rubber grips when you install the Large cylinder.

The Installation Steps of rubber handle grips

1.Let's clean the handle first, then put some water on the handle,

2 Take handle grips touch water.(can be water, soap water or hot water)

3.Install gently grips on the handle

Application of rubber grips we manufacture

A good set of grips will offer you more control over your bike and reducing hand fatigue. 

Widely used for  various fields such as electronic, electrical, machinery,sports equipment, medical, 

stationery, furniture, bicycle, buggies and so on