Rubber Grommet Assortment Kit Electrical Conductor Gasket Ring Set for Wire, Plug and Cable

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Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-10-14
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If you want custom rubber grommet, Qingdao Weilian Plastic & Rubber Co., LTD will help you with that

Material: EPDM,Silicone, NBR,SBR, Neoprene

Color: according to your requirement

Sizeaccording to your requirement

Shape: Round,Square, Oval, Rectangular, Oblong

The advantage of rubber grommet we manufacture

1.Adopting raw material with excellent quality(Environmentally friendly, non-toxic)

We insist on using environment-protection raw materials to make sure that


rubber grommet Non-toxic, tasteless and high flexibility. Protection ,safety and utility

2. Synthetic Rubber with high quality on-toxic and tasteless

These rubber material have high elasticity, waterproof and excellent sealing.

Wear resistant, aging resistant, high/low temperature, anti-corrosion, anti-static electricity, etc

3. All of rubber material have been certificated by official authority.

The function of rubber grommet

Rubber grommets are designed for easy installation and click snap affixing drill holes, metal panels. 

Usually applied in holes in metal panels or other materials to protect cables, wires, cords from 

possible mechanical or chemical attacks, thus to protect the wires, cords, cables, etc. 

and give your furniture, electrical boxes a neat look.

Also some rubber grommets are used to protect components from noise & vibration,

and other specialty grommets. Grommets can be pushed into place using our grommet insert tools.

The application scope of rubber grommet

our grommets can be used in a wide variety of industries 

including aerospace,healthcare,construction, transportation, 

and defense applications, Mechanical equipment, furniture, electric appliance

Rubber Grommets are useful in electronics applications when a wire or tube needs 

to pass through metal or another material that may cause damage. 

Most commonly, they protect cables from sharp corners and edges. 

would create a neat finished look on furniture and electric boxes

How to install rubber grommet

Select the appropriate size, put rubber grommet into the opening hole of metal plate

Use the knife cut dust-proof membrane, then make rubber grommet insert the hole of metal plate

This below picture show how to install